The Democratic Party of North Carolina considers Israel an apartheid state

The Supreme Committee of the American Democratic Party in North Carolina considered Israel an apartheid state and made a decision that will be presented to the state’s Democratic convention to repeal legislation that criminalizes and punishes companies and individuals who adopt the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions program against Israel (BDS). ).

In a vote today, the Supreme Committee described Israel as an apartheid state, considering the law penalizing Israel’s boycotts in the state as “unconstitutional that violates the First Amendment to the American Constitution on the right to freedom of expression.” 

The decision of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party shows the tendency of the Democratic Party to cancel this decision in Parliament, noting the need to cancel the decision to restore the full human rights of the Palestinian people and end Israel’s practice of apartheid and oppression.

The Democratic Committee's decision bore the name: A law to restore Americans' right to freedom of expression and their right to exercise it, including the right to boycott, to support Palestinian human rights.

The resolution said the boycott was an effective, nonviolent protest method in the 1960s to oppose apartheid and racist laws in the United States, and a means to pressure South Africa to end apartheid.

The committee considered that the boycott is a non-violent means of protest to achieve the goal of the North Carolina Democratic Party's program to restore the full human rights of the Palestinian people, stressing work with the party's general body to repeal laws that prevent the exercise of this right.

The resolution considered that the law that punishes boycotts places a burden on North Carolina companies seeking to contract with the state government and entities that also participate in constitutionally protected freedom of expression to restore the human rights of the Palestinian people. 

It is noteworthy that the number of members of the Democratic Party in North Carolina is two and a half million members. The state parliament passed the Anti-Boycott Act 2018 with a vote of 96 to 19 in favor of it, while the Senate passed it by 45 votes to 


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