He lost his sight.. An Israeli missile shrapnel ends the hopes of the child Muhammad Shaaban to re-enroll in school.

For long days he spent on a treatment trip in the Republic of Egypt, in the hope that his sight would return to him, albeit with one eye, the child Muhammad Hani Shaaban (8 years), from Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip, returned to his family’s home, to be deprived of him by the occupation The Israeli is one of his wishes to return to school again, like the rest of his brothers and friends who were waiting for this moment after about a year of studying remotely due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Muhammad, who was waiting to return to school to enroll in the second grade of primary school, was wounded by shrapnel of an Israeli missile that targeted one of the main streets in the town of Jabalia al-Balad in the northern Gaza Strip, during the last aggression last May.

Hani Shaaban, the father of the child Muhammad, indicates that he was injured while he was on his way with his mother to the market to buy Eid al-Fitr clothes, but the Israeli aggression, which was targeting humans, trees and stones, urgently attacked his child and a number of children with its internationally prohibited missiles, which led to the death and injury of many of them, to deprive some of them. From life, and destroys the hopes and future of others, including his son, who longed for a bright life.

Shaaban says that his child suffered internal bleeding due to shrapnel from the Israeli rocket, pointing out that doctors at the Hospital of Laayoune in Gaza decided to remove his child's eye immediately after being hit by shrapnel and for lack of other medical solutions, pointing out that after its removal it was decided to transfer him to Egypt for treatment and try to save his other eye, but doctors in Cairo had difficulties in the possibility of treating him and decided 70 days after he stayed in the hospitals of the Republic to return him to the Sector, because there is no hope of saving his other eye. In the return of his sight again.

The child, Muhammad Shaaban, has been suffering from a difficult psychological condition since his injury, and he needs someone to help him move around the house, which he hardly gets out of except for necessity and accompanied by one of his parents, while his 6 siblings are trying to help him and entertain him by finding appropriate games to alleviate the severity of the suffering he faces difficulties. As the father says.

The father indicated that he and his family are shocked, especially that the injury came in difficult and sudden circumstances, and his suffering (i.e. the child) will be long and accompany him always, noting that the occupation turned his dreams that could have come true, into wishes that he regain his sight and go to school He lives a decent life, especially since he has not yet gotten used to what has befallen him.

The father added, in the language of heartbreak, about what had befallen his child, “Tomorrow is the first day of school, and Muhammad will not be able to go to school,” noting that his son needs a private school to receive education, and this needs someone to take care of this from charitable institutions or others, in addition to providing psychological support for him.


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