Washington: A campaign demands that Facebook remove racist ads attacking pro-Palestine congressmen

Supporters of Palestinian rights in the United States of America launched a campaign against Facebook, demanding it remove paid ads funded by the Israel Lobby, targeting female congresswomen who support Palestinian rights.

A petition signed so far by more than 3,000 Americans accused AIPAC of endangering the lives of congresswomen who support Palestinian rights by publishing paid hate ads against them.

The petition launched by Code Pink, a women's organization that supports Palestinian rights, called on Facebook to remove the ads against the members: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Cortez, and Corey Bush, noting that the language used in the ads is racist and inflammatory that exposes the lives of congresswomen belonging to ethnic and religious minorities. at risk.

She added that the advertisements that are published against the members are baseless and accuse the members of false and baseless accusations, and one of the advertisements that attacks Ilhan Omar links her to terrorism and puts her life in grave danger.  

The Facebook administration demanded that these ads be treated within the company's community standards as "objectionable content" as it incites hatred.


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