Gaza: There is a rise in the curve of injuries, and the next wave will be strong

Rami Al-Abadla, Director of the Infection Control Department in the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Saturday, that the ministry’s warnings about the epidemiological reality are based on scientific grounds, and there is a slight marked increase in the epidemiological curve and an increase in serious cases.

In an interview with the local Voice of Al-Aqsa radio in Gaza, Al-Abadla considered that this is a warning that the Strip will enter the third wave of the Corona virus, recommending that prevention and safety guidelines be followed.

And he indicated that there is more than one criterion and indicator to measure the epidemiological situation, including the number of visitors to the Corona departments and hypnotic cases classified as dangerous and critical, noting that the whole world is witnessing a significant increase in the number of injuries, and the occupation has exceeded 6 thousand injuries per day, and these indicators around the ocean countries give an indication that the third wave will be severe.

The official at the Ministry of Health in Gaza indicated that those who received the vaccine did not exceed 10% of the total population, stressing that the available vaccine is safe.

Al-Abadla pointed out that the next wave will be strong due to the Delta mutator, which is more widespread than the British boom by three times, warning that its entry into Gaza will cause a significant increase in injuries.

"We are drawing random samples from the infected to find out what mutation is present, and we expect the delta mutant to enter Gaza at any time," he said.

He pointed out that meetings were held with committees from the Ministry of Education and UNRWA, and directives were drawn up that education be integrated between face and electronic education, noting that the Ministry of Health demanded that high school students be vaccinated. like he said.


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