Britney Spears´ father accepts to give up custody of her

Britney Spears' father has agreed to relinquish custody of his 13-year-old daughter, after the American star launched a legal attack that drew widespread media coverage to stop her personal and financial affairs.

Jaime Spears intends to “cooperate with the court and the new lawyer for his daughter in preparation for a smooth transition to a new guardian,” according to what his defense attorneys revealed in court documents that TMZ, a celebrity news website, first mentioned.
The decision is a victory for the 39-year-old pop star and a reversal of her father, who initially said he would object to Britney Spears' lawsuit to withdraw guardianship from him.

This measure has allowed the father to fully control his daughter's financial resources since 2008, when his daughter's psychological condition aroused concern after she fell into a resounding fall that received wide media coverage.
The document provided by the father's attorney reads, "Is changing the guardian in the best interests of Mrs. Spears? It is a highly debatable issue.”
And the lawyers added, "It is true that Mr. Spears is under fierce and unjustified attack, but he considers that a general dispute with his daughter about his role as guardian will not serve the interests of the singer," without indicating when he intends to give up this role specifically.
The defense team said Mr. Spears "wants to begin resolving outstanding issues", such as the latest financial report.
After these issues are resolved, “he will be able to withdraw from this role. But there are no urgent circumstances that justify the immediate suspension of his duties.”
Britney Spears' attorney Matthew Rosengart praised the decision in a statement.
"We are pleased to see that Mr. Spears and his attorney today decided in court to withdraw their guardianship," he said. Justice has been served to Britney.”
However, this family affair centered on a financial fortune may be far from its conclusion. "We will continue our diligent investigation into the behavior of Mr. Spears and others over the last thirteen years, when he was making millions of dollars from his daughter," the singer's lawyer said.
Ronsgart expressed his indignation at the "shameful and shameful attacks targeting Britney Spears and others", which, in his opinion, come from her parents and the latter's lawyer.
As for Jamie Spears, he has been defending this role for years.
"If people really knew all the ups and downs of Mrs. Spears' personal life, all her mental health problems, addictions, and guardianship-related challenges, they would commend Mr. Spears' work and not condemn it," the documents submitted to the court said.
For years, an army of the singer's fans has struggled on social media and sometimes in the streets during rallies to "liberate" the star, trying to interpret the slightest gesture from her as a distress call.
The owner of the two hit songs "Toxic" and "...Baby One More Time" has petitioned a Los Angeles court to lift this guardianship, which she described as "unfair."
In her testimony before the court at the end of June, the singer revealed that she was "shocked" and "disappointed".
And she said in her steadfastly hasty affidavit that she was forced to take medication to control her behavior, was not allowed to make decisions about her friendships or finances, and was unable to take a birth control coil even though she wanted to have more children.
"I want to take back my life, 13 years have passed and enough is enough," she said.
A new court hearing is scheduled for the 29th of September.


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