Guterres: Information about the Taliban´s violation of the rights of Afghan women raises "terror"

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres considered Friday that information about violations of the rights of Afghan women committed by Taliban fighters raises "terror".
"I am very concerned by initial information that the Taliban (fighters) are imposing severe restrictions on human rights in the areas they control," Guterres told reporters.

"It is terrifying and especially painful to see Afghan girls and women being deprived of rights they gained after hard work," he added.
The Taliban were on the outskirts of Kabul on Friday after taking control of about half of the Afghan provincial capitals in just eight days.

Guterres said that about 241,000 people had to flee the Taliban's rapid advance, describing what Afghanistan is currently witnessing as an "unimaginable tragedy."

"Just last month, more than a thousand people were killed or injured" in attacks targeting civilians, Guterres said.
He considered that "carrying out attacks on civilians constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law and amounts to a war crime," calling for those who commit such acts to be held accountable.


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