Muhaisin: Young people are the most affected by the occupation

Ahmed Muhaisen, head of the General Authority for Youth and Culture in Gaza, said today, Thursday, that the youth segment is the most affected by the occupation and its criminal policies that aim to destroy the morale of the Palestinian people and sow despair and refraction in the hearts of their children.

Muhaisen pointed out during a press conference on the occasion of the International Youth Day, which falls on August 12 of each year, that Palestinian youth, especially in the Gaza Strip, are going through a very difficult situation due to the siege imposed on the Strip for more than 15 years.

He called for urgent intervention to support this important segment, which constitutes the vast majority of Palestinian society, calling on national, governmental and civil institutions and all national action factions to unite their efforts and join hands to support young people by various possible means to be able to take responsibility for national and crucial issues.

Muhaisen also called for the need to increase the support directed to the Palestinian Youth Support Fund to enable it to enhance its role in caring for and embracing Palestinian youth and expanding its services in the fields of education, housing and small projects.


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