13 prisoners continue their hunger strike

The Prisoners’ Club confirmed that 13 prisoners continue their open hunger strike in the occupation prisons, including 12 prisoners who refused their administrative detention, the oldest of whom is Salem Zaidat from the town of Bani Naim / Hebron, who has been on strike for 28 days, in addition to a group of Of the prisoners who began strikes in support of batches.

The Prisoner's Club pointed out that the two prisoners, Muhammad Khaled Abu Salal and Ahmed Abd al-Rahman Abu Sal from Al-Aroub camp, suspended their hunger strike after an agreement to set the ceiling for their administrative detention.

The hunger strikers face difficult health conditions that worsen with the passage of time due to the intransigence and refusal of the occupation authorities to respond to their demand, which is to end their administrative detention. Most of the prisoners on hunger strike are in the cells of the “Negev Desert” prison.

Since the prisoners began to strike, the occupation prisons administration continues its abusive measures against them, by isolating them and depriving them of visits, as well as obstructing lawyers' visits to them, and putting pressure on them in an attempt to discourage them from continuing their battle.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities escalated the policy of administrative detention, specifically during the month of May, and continued to issue new administrative detention orders against new detainees, as well as renewing administrative detention orders against others, knowing that the majority of administrative detainees are prisoners who have previously spent years in occupation prisons. Some of them have been detained for more than 15 years.

Since the beginning of this year 2021, about 45 prisoners have carried out hunger strikes, most of which were a rejection of the administrative detention policy, and most of them ended with setting the ceiling for their administrative detention.

In this context, the occupation courts, at their various levels, continue to implement their systematic policy of consolidating the policy of administrative detention, and to play their role as a primary arm in implementing what the occupation intelligence decides.

The Prisoner’s Club called for the necessity of continuing to support the prisoners on hunger strike by all available means, and called on all international human rights bodies to take their real role and pressure the occupation in order to stop the policy of systematic administrative detention, and put an end to the occupation’s abusive measures against the prisoners.


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