Report: 83 facilities targeted by the occupation during the past month

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy “Shams” stated that the Israeli occupation authorities targeted 83 Palestinian facilities with demolition, confiscation, seizure and notifications during the month of July.
Shams Center indicated in its monthly report that the most prominent violations were concentrated in the demolition operations that affected (61) facilities, (15) of which the owners were forced to self-demolish under the threat of fines and imprisonment, while the occupation forces confiscated and seized one facility.
In terms of notifications, the occupation forces have notified 21 facilities of demolition or confiscation, most of which are residential, in addition to agricultural facilities, livestock pens and a cemetery.
The first indicator of the report focused on the distribution of facilities that were targeted for demolition, confiscation or notifications according to their type, which this month included: house dwellings (27) facilities, tent dwellings (1) installations, barracks dwellings (5) facilities, and a residential room (3) facilities , housing and facilities in Bedouin communities (11) facilities, agricultural rooms (5) facilities, wells, ponds and water lines (5) facilities, commercial facilities (5) facilities, agricultural facilities (4) facilities, barns and livestock sheds (5) facilities, stores (1) retaining walls and fences (5), a cemetery (2), a car wash (1), a horse stable, a mobile caravan, a school, and a sewage room.
The second indicator focused on the distribution of the demolished facilities according to the area of ​​the targeting. The peak of the attacks was in the Jerusalem governorates (23 facilities), followed by the Tubas governorate (13) facilities, and then the Hebron and Ramallah governorates (8) facilities in each.
In view of the notifications, whether of demolition, confiscation, or stopping construction work and other violations that prevent Palestinians from realizing their right to build, reconstruct and invest their facilities, the number of notifications reached (21) notifications in different areas. The governorates of Jerusalem and Hebron came in the highest percentage.
The third indicator focused on the target population, as the number of affected populations during the month of July was at least (92) persons, including (5) children, according to the information available.
As for the arguments used by “Israel” in its attempt to legitimize its violations in July, the facilities that the occupation forces demolished under the pretext of building without a permit in Area C were (48) out of (61), and (12) facilities on the pretext that they were in A military training area or a shooting area, and one facility within the occupation policy that it follows as a collective punishment for the perpetrators of operations against it. The occupation forces blew up the house of the prisoner Montaser Shalabi in the town of Turmusaya, north of Ramallah.
As for the notifications, all of them (21) were established under the pretext of non-licensing and their occurrence in areas (c).
As for the facility that was seized and confiscated, it was under the pretext of not having a license. It is a caravan that is used as a medical and psychological clinic serving more than 1,200 people in the remote Zuwaidin area, east of Yatta town.
The last indicator reviewed “self-demolition” operations under the threat of heavy fines. During the month of July, the number of facilities that the occupation authorities forced their owners to self-demolish was (15) facilities out of (61) facilities, which are (13) houses and residential rooms in the governorate. Jerusalem, and a house in the city of Beit Jala in the Bethlehem Governorate.
The occupation authorities also forced Ezzat Khalil Ziada to demolish his apartment in the village of Beit Safafa. They forced Mohammed Adnan Darwish to demolish his house under construction in the village of Al-Isawiya in Jerusalem.
It also forced the citizen Muhammad Nassar al-Husseini to demolish his house in the Wadi Qaddoum area in the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem, and the citizen Ahmed Youssef Abu Ghannam to demolish his residential building in the al-Tur neighborhood, east of the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, and the citizen Muhammad Amin Abu al-Hawa to do it himself. Citizen Suhaib Al-Dajani for demolishing his house consisting of 3 apartments, each with an area of ​​200 square meters, in which he lives with 2 of his brothers. The 70-square-meter area, owned by Izzat Khalil Issa Ziada, demolished his house located near Al-Anfaq Street, behind the apartheid wall near the “Gilo” settlement built on lands in Beit Jala.

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