Russia designs supercomputers to invent modern weapons models

Moscow _ Agencies

Russian experts have been working on the manufacture of an extraordinary computer, which will be used to design modern models of future weapons.

This was stated by the Director of the foundation  "Mulnia " Scientific productivity, as a branch of the Russian company  "Kalashnikov ", Olga Sokolova in an interview to the Russian agency  "Novosti".

She said that her company is working on the design of the supercomputer in collaboration with other Russian institutions and companies such as the "Brooke " Institute of Scientific designs and the company  "Information space systems ".

The aim of the project was to avoid the use of programming and foreign computers at the stages of the design and manufacture of Russian weapons, so that local Russian computers would be used, from the design and manufacture stage of weapons to the production of a pilot model and the accompanying arms investment Produced in batches in Russian army units.

Sokolova, she said, this work will begin with the production of training targets, and then deliver the successful experience to other facilities of the Russian military industry.

The Russian supercomputer could see the light after five years, she said.


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