56 years after her death. Rahela artist records a record number

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56 years after the death of Marilyn Monroe, the world cinema star has scored a record that is hard to break in the world of art.

The "Golden Globes" award, which I received for $250,000, was sold at an auction held by the house  "Julian " in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

The "Favorite World actress " prize, harvested in 1961 by Marilyn Monroe of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, was named after the star in the pages of history, having achieved the highest number sold by the "Golden Globe " award at an auction.

The auction, which was held on Friday and Saturday, also saw the sale of a two-seater black convertible car owned by Monroe, "Ford Thunderbird ", dating back to 1956.

The car was sold for 490 thousand dollars, the first time that the car was auctioned.

She took pictures of Marilyn driving the car with her playwright Arthur Miller's husband shortly after their wedding in June 1956.

The car remained the property of the star for six years, until shortly before her death in 1962.

Darin Julian, head of the auction house  "Julian ", said that the car was "not only part of the history of the cars but surrounded by an aura of charm, romance and a tragedy of Hollywood legends."

Marilyn gave the car in 1962 to the son of Lee Strberg, who trained her in acting.

The current owner, who preferred anonymity, tracked the vehicle's history through registration papers and other documents, where the vehicle underwent repairs and renovations, during which it retained many of its original parts.

Among the more than 12 pieces of other belongings owned by Marilyn Monroe, she made a copy of the first edition of the magazine "Playboy ", whose image was uploaded to the cover and signed by Hugh Hefner, 32 thousand dollars in the auction.


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