Foreign Ministry: The occupation intensifies its policy of demolition in the face of a suspicious international absence

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Israel is defiantly and blatantly challenging the world, and continues to escalate demolitions, razing and confiscation of land on a large scale without restraint, deterrence or punishment, and is launching a fierce campaign to beat and execute the Palestinian presence in the areas classified (C). ) In what looks like a war of annihilation, a reality for the components and manifestations of this existence, including agricultural and pastoral ones.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Thursday, that the occupation’s bulldozers continue to rape Palestinian land and destroy homes and economic and commercial facilities throughout the country, the latest of which was what happened in Khirbet Buziq in the northern Jordan Valley, and the demolitions taking place in Hizma and Sa’ir, south of Hebron and Sebastia, as well as Wadi Rahal, south of Bethlehem. And other areas that are subjected to the most horrific process of ethnic cleansing that affects all forms of Palestinian life in those areas.

She added that the reality of what is happening is the actual annexation of the areas classified (C) and their allocation as a strategic depth for settlement, regardless of the different nomenclature of control, confiscation, uprooting, demolition, bulldozing and the arguments accompanying them.

She indicated that the reason for this Israeli challenge is that the world is a coward and is afraid of Israel's poisons and accusations, especially anti-Semitism, support for terrorism, and also its fear of US sanctions because America is defending Israel because it is under international criticism and accountability, which is what Israel exploits to perpetuate and deepen its occupation of the Palestinian land. Settlement in it and forcibly displacing Palestinian citizens from it, and exploiting this international cowardice and the American protection for it in demonstrations aimed at conveying multiple messages, the first of which is to the Palestinian citizen to convince him that the occupying state is the final authority in everything related to his land, life, reality and future, the judge and the executioner, and nothing stands in the way Its ability to punish the Palestinian citizen in the manner it deems appropriate.

The second is messages directed to the international community to determine its required Israeli role, which ranges from ignoring these crimes and being silent about them, or criticizing them within a language that does not anger the Israelis. The result is more suffering, oppression, and fascism that strike and afflict the Palestinian victims of Israeli crimes.


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