Arrest of 8 Palestinians from the West Bank

At least eight Palestinians from the West Bank were arrested by israeli occupation forces early Thursday.
According to The Prisoner's Club manager in Jenin, Montaser Samour, two young men from the town of Yamun, Mansour Abhara and Sharif Bashir, were arrested by the occupying forces after raiding their homes and tampering with their contents.
Two citizens were wounded by live fire, and three others were arrested during the incursion into the Wadi al-Faraa camp south of Tubas.
The director of the Al-Assir Club in Tubas, Kamal Bani Odeh, told the official agency that the occupying forces stormed Wadi al-Faraa, raided several houses, blew up their doors, searched them and tampered with their contents, and arrested three citizens: Najah Abdullah Zaid al-Kilani and his sons Mahdi and Mujahid, after raiding and searching their homes.
In the town of Deir Abu Mashal, west of Ramallah, local sources reported the arrest of 19-year-old Hassan Bakr after raiding and searching his house.
The occupation also arrested two boys from Beit Amr, north of Hebron, Mahmoud Mahmoud Sabarah, 17, and Yasin Adel Zaaqiq, 16, after raiding the Assida and Dhahr areas.

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