UNRWA: Failure to bring in raw materials impedes the start of Gaza reconstruction

A UN official in the Gaza Strip said that Israel's continued refusal to allow the entry of raw materials into the Strip hinders the start of the reconstruction process, which also needs financial funding.

Sam Rose, UNRWA Director of Operations in the Gaza Strip, expressed his concern about the continued restrictions and the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, calling for the need to work to secure the arrival of the materials needed to support the reconstruction process in light of the lack of required materials in local markets.

“The more these materials are less available, the process will stop and be delayed,” Rose said, noting that what is being brought into Gaza is only humanitarian relief materials.

Rose pointed out that UNRWA launched on the fifth of last June, to obtain $160 million, a special appeal in order to obtain the funds necessary for reconstruction and recovery from the effects of the war to serve the Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, who constitute the majority of the population, noting that what UNRWA received Of pledges totaling $29 million, only 24 million have been received.


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