Two planes crashed in a few hours in Switzerland.

Two planes crashed in a few hours in Switzerland.

Switzerland _ Agencies

Two tourist planes crashed Saturday in central and eastern Switzerland, leaving many dead, police and media said.

In the morning, a small plane carrying a couple and two children crashed into the Herragville forest in the canton of Nidvwald, and the fires quickly erupted.

According to the cantonal police, the plane had taken off from Cagesville airport in the neighboring canton of Obwald, heading for France shortly after 9:30 pm (7.30 GMT).

The fire was quickly stretched at the scene, necessitating the intervention of a helicopter before the rescue personnel arrived.

In the afternoon, another tourist plane crashed on a mountain in the canton of Grezon, east of the country, approximately 3099 metres high.

The district police could not immediately determine the number of casualties, but indicated that five helicopters were involved in rescue operations.