Iranian desire to dialogue with Saudi Arabia and Riyadh

Iranian desire to dialogue with Saudi Arabia and Riyadh

Tehran _ agencies

Iran has vowed to continue its willingness to dialogue with Saudi Arabia amid the diplomatic crisis between the two regional rivals.

Tehran has repeatedly expressed its willingness to hold talks with Saudi Arabia, not only with the Saudi government but with other countries that also wanted to mediate between the two regional forces.

"The Saudis have never shown any interest," said Bahram Qassem, spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, on Saturday.

The Swiss embassy in Riyadh will represent Iran´s interests in the country to avoid completely cutting off relations, said Kasemi.

Saudi Arabia, a Sunni majority, severed its diplomatic ties with the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran after the demonstrators stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran and set fire to parts of the building in January 2016, and protests erupted over the execution of 47 people by the Saudi government, including a Shiite preacher Prominent.

The two countries stand on opposite sides of the Syrian civil war, and Iran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Saudi Arabia supports the anti-Assad regime.

In the same vein, Kasani announced on Saturday that the Iranian interests office in Saudi Arabia would be inaugurated soon.

This came in a statement made by Qassem during his visit to the Student News Agency (APP) of the Ministry of Education.

In a statement made by IRNA, the Iranian news agency IRNA said the Iranian consular team, which is composed of 10 people, is currently in the process of performing the Hajj and pursuing its work in the framework of the Iranian hajj mission.

He stressed that Iran has repeatedly stressed that it is ready for dialogue with countries in the region including Saudi Arabia, adding "we have not rejected the proposal of any country that has declared its readiness to mediate between Iran and Saudi Arabia."