Druze in Syria reject the terms "ISIS" for the release of Sweida abductees

Druze in Syria reject the terms "ISIS" for the release of Sweida abductees

DAMASCUS-Palestine News Network

Sheikh Hammoud al-Henawi, a senator from the Druze group in Syria, rejected the demands of ISIL to release abducted women from the eastern countryside of Suwayda.

"He asked Isil through intermediaries to transfer ISIL elements from the Yarmouk basin in Rif Dara´a to the Badia area in the eastern countryside of Suwayda, and the Syrian government forces were retreating from the villages of Badia al-Sweida in exchange for the release of 13 arrested women," Sheikh Henawi told the German news agency (AFP) on Monday. From the villages of Sharehi and al-Mesh and Ramy  ".

"We have nothing to do with the militants of Isil in the area of the Yarmouk basin, and they are not our concern, we want to release the detainees, to hand over the bodies of the 80 ISIS elements, as well as a number of wounded in exchange for the release of the detainees," said Sheikh Henawi.

Added:  " We are alert and ready to confront ISIL militants and remove them from the administrative boundaries of Suwayda governorate, in anticipation of any attack by ISIL militants, both in the Western Suwayda countryside and possibly from the Yarmouk Basin area and the other from the Badia side. "

In addition, media sources close to the government forces have revealed that the government forces have sent large military reinforcements to the province of Suwayda, and are preparing for an attack on two axes in the direction of Rif Swaida, the eastern region, and the other in the direction of the Lugah area in the western province of Suwayda.

On July 25 July, the eastern Suwayda countryside witnessed an attack by ISIL fighters that killed more than 250 people between a civilian and a militant from local formations.