The Egyptian army declares 52 "high-risk" jihadists killed in Sinai.

The Egyptian army declares 52 "high-risk" jihadists killed in Sinai.

Cairo _ Agencies

The Egyptian army said Sunday that 52 armed men had been killed in an all-out operation under the heading of "Sinai, 2018."

This was reflected in statement No. 26, which monitors developments in the military operation since February last February, announced by the Egyptian Army with a presidential mandate.

The operation is aimed at air, sea, land and police intervention, "confronting armed elements north and central Sinai (north-east) and other areas of the Egypt Delta (north) and the desert Dahir west of Wadi El Nil."

The statement said the operations over the past few days (not specified) resulted in the elimination of 52 "highly dangerous takfirist" in various areas of northern and central Sinai.

"Joint military-police raids have resulted in the arrest of 49 infidel individuals," he said.

According to previous military data, the death toll has risen to 373, apart from 37 military personnel, since the start of Operation "Sinai 2018 " until Sunday at 6:45 GMT, according to Anatolia.

The Air Force was able to destroy 15 vehicles loaded with weapons and ammunition while attempting to infiltrate the western border, as well as targeting another 17 vehicles within the Southern military zone, the statement said.

He pointed out that 26 shelters and 64 explosive devices had been destroyed and four tunnels had been discovered on the border in northern Sinai.

He noted that the Border Guard forces had foiled the infiltration of 1933 individuals by illegal means across the western, northern and southern borders.

Scattered areas of the Sinai Peninsula are witnessing attacks against the army, police and civilians, which have recently abated, most of which have been adopted by the "Holy House" (Sinai) community, which has announced its pledge to organize the terrorist "ISIS" in late 2014.