Maduro believes that the President of Colombia Santos is behind his assassination attempt

Maduro believes that the President of Colombia Santos is behind his assassination attempt

Kraks _ Agencies

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro said he believed that Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the Venezuelan opposition were apparently behind the assassination attempt on Saturday.

In a televised address to a number of ministers and army commanders hours after the alleged assassination attempt during a military event in central Caracas, Maduro said "some of those responsible for this attack have already been arrested."

"I have no doubt that the ultra-right [opposition] and Juan Manuel Santos were behind it," he added. He said that the investigations were already "very advanced", as well as some evidence already seized.

"It was an attempt to kill me, they tried to assassinate me," he said.

He also said that one of those responsible for planning the attack lived in the United States, but did not identify the person, or provide evidence of any of his allegations.

Government spokesman Jorge Rodriguez said earlier on Saturday that the explosives carried by drones exploded at 0541 p.m. (2141 GMT) on Saturday night, as Maduro spoke to thousands of soldiers in Medan, capital of Caracas.

Maduro was unhurt but seven uniformed personnel were injured in the event, in which 17,000 soldiers participated and were held on the occasion of the eighty-first anniversary of the army´s founding.

Shots aired live on the official TV Maduro showed the stops talking and looked up and looks like signs of amazement before the sound breaks down. Other photographs showed that the soldiers were coming out of their ranks and fleeing before the television broadcasts stopped.

The Venezuelan media said Maduro had been evacuated from the area by his bodyguards.

Maduro, who saw Venezuela in a rapid decline in economic wealth, was re-elected for another six-year term in May last May, after elections denounced by the European Union, the United States and at least 12 Latin American countries as undemocratic.

Colombia immediately dismissed Maduro´s accusations on Saturday, as a high-ranking source close to Santos, who did not wish to be named, told reporters that "this is unfounded."

Santos has repeatedly criticized Maduro, and the days before his "system" was charged that in the case of "complete denial" of his economic and humanitarian crisis when he announced a new action to help hundreds of thousands of