Britain vows to consider receiving more foreign labor

Britain vows to consider receiving more foreign labor

London _ Agencies

A report prepared in favor of the British government before exiting the European Union (EU) concluded that the maximum emigration of highly skilled foreign workers to Britain should be abolished.

The Migration Advisory Committee, which prepared the report, said that this employment makes a positive contribution to public money.

Examples of highly skilled employment include pediatric consultants, computer game designers, cyber-hacking specialists and mining engineers.

The report suggests that EU employment be subject to the same rules as other migrants.

But he also suggests that Britain give them a special place in the EU exit agreement.

The government said that it would "carefully examine" the findings of the Commission´s report.

According to the current system, employment from the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes EU countries including Britain, Norway, Iceland and between, enjoys freedom, travel and work in the region without a visa.

The Committee recommended a policy that allows for a greater ability of a highly skilled foreign worker to enter Britain with a low-efficiency threshold.

The report concluded that, with regard to low-skilled employment, the "Committee is not convinced that there is a need for a special course for low-skilled employment" from the European Union to occupy jobs in sectors such as catering in restaurants, cafes, etc.

The Commission, composed of independent experts, also concluded that it did not see "an important justification for the employment of the European Economic Area on different bases" from other states.

In its report, the Committee also found that there was no indication that the increase in European migration had harmed life in Britain.

The report found that EU migrants pay more taxes than they receive social aid, contribute more to the financing of British health services than they receive health care, and do not affect the country´s crime rates.