Arab countries are preparing to hold a quadripartite summit to take a decisive stance on the deal of the century

Arab countries are preparing to hold a quadripartite summit to take a decisive stance on the deal of the century

CAIRO _ Palestine News Network

Four Arab countries are trying to hold a summit in the near future in order to take a firm stance on the century package promoted by the US Administration in the Middle East.

Egypt is making efforts to hold a summit-level Arab Quartet meeting between Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, to be preceded by a preparatory meeting at the level of foreign ministers and intelligence directors, to develop a common position and clear perceptions of American dictates to liquidate the Palestinian issue, known as the "Deal of the Century", against the backdrop of the recent meetings between us, Egyptian and Saudi officials, as well as the brief visit of Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi to Saudi Arabia last week, He met with King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Jordan´s King Abdullah II and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are welcome to this effort, but it is not guaranteed that the meeting should be declared to the media, and it is more important for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to "expose all fears and clear talk of The precautions, actionable ideas and guarantees required to deal positively with us proposals, or to announce their rejection once and for all, pending the outcome of the US midterm elections scheduled for next November November to monitor the extent of the loss to which President Donald´s candidates will be Trump and his party  ".

According to the sources, US pressure on Cairo and Riyadh to move forward on the deal, despite some Egyptian and Saudi reservations, the Jordanian and Palestinian rejection, and Egypt´s particular preoccupation with the mediation between the Hamas movement and Israel on the one hand, and the Palestinian factions on the other, have led to the creation The Egyptian administration should resolve the deal as soon as possible and deal with the ensuing situation, especially since the Egyptian position on the deal is linked to other files, primarily US military assistance to Egypt, and the war on terror in northeast Sinai, and this latest dossier Witnessed direct intervention, both military and strategic, from Israel and the United States.

According to the sources, the preparatory meeting between the Ministers of the four countries could be held after the official announcement of the truce in Gaza, which is still seriously hampered by the Israeli daily Haaretz, against the backdrop of continuing disagreement over the exchange of prisoners and corpses, as well as about the duration of the truce, as it wants Israel for one year, while "Hamas" and other factions wish to extend it to 5 years.

According to Egyptian sources, the ISI service considers the desired truce and the accompanying development measures (with Gulf funds) in the Gaza Strip to ease the burden on the sector´s citizens, a practical test of the seriousness of the Israelis and the Americans in implementing the "Deal of the Century," as the ISI demanded through the minister Foreign Affairs Sameh Shukri, the US administration, has been providing financial and logistic assistance to the sector, as well as supporting Egypt in meeting the Palestinian demand to double its electricity exports to the sector, but Trump´s aides have not pledged anything, and they only spoke of their support for the World Bank projects to be launched in the sector, which Please provide a 4400 job, which is a scarce figure for Egypt and "Hamas".

During his official visit to Washington earlier this month, Egyptian sources told the newspaper that thanks to Trump´s aides, the proposals and the package had failed in their final form in light of their negligence, the first being the extent to which Washington guaranteed Israel´s treatment Positively with the deal and fulfill the obligations it will entail, the second is the amount of us and Gulf support that Egypt and Jordan will receive, as well as those to be pumped in Gaza specifically, and the third is the readiness of Washington to provide financial, logistic and military support to Egypt to cleanse the northeast Sinai, and the fourth is ambiguous proposals On the management of the security file in the Gaza Strip during the transition period between the start of the deal and the establishment of the Palestinian State.