1,000 people flee southeast of Idlib

1,000 people flee southeast of Idlib

Damascus _ Agencies

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, about 1,000 people from 180 families have been displaced from their villages in the south-east of Idlib since late Wednesday, to areas in the western Aleppo countryside and to the city of Afrin and its countryside under the control of factions  "Olive Branch".

Villages on a petition with regime forces in the southeastern countryside of Ladab have seen a preemptive exodus, the Observatory said in a press release on Thursday, pointing out that another exodus from the city of Maaret al-Nu´man and its countryside has been monitored towards the border strip with Turkey, especially the camps in the area.

According to the observatory, these pre-emptive displacements come within the framework of the greater Idlib battle that preparing the regime´s forces and allies.

According to the observatory, this exodus comes after the intensification of the regime´s forces to bombard and expand the area of the Russian-Turkish truce, which is applicable for the 23rd consecutive day, following the Russian raids that killed 13 citizens and wounded dozens in the triangle west of Idlib-Lattakia mountains-Sahl al-Ghab.