United Nations: “Israel” is committing genocide against the Palestinians

United Nations: “Israel” is committing genocide against the Palestinians

United Nations rapporteurs confirmed that Israel is committing genocide through its serious violations against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

This came in a joint statement, today, Thursday, signed by 33 UN rapporteurs on the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians.

The statement called on the international community to "prevent genocide against the Palestinian people," noting that the rapporteurs had previously expressed their concern about the risk of genocide in Gaza.

He said: "We are deeply disturbed that countries did not respond to our call and did not provide an immediate ceasefire, and we are deeply concerned about the support of some countries for Israel's method of war against the people of Gaza and the failure of the international system to mobilize itself to prevent genocide."

The statement stressed that "the reality in Gaza is a major catastrophe with the unbearable pain and trauma experienced by the survivors there."

For 41 days, the Israeli occupation army has launched a devastating aggression against Gaza, leaving 11,500 martyrs, including 4,710 children and 3,160 women, as well as 29,800 injured, 70 percent of whom are children and women, according to official Palestinian sources.