The U.S. administration loses its credibility for this reason!

The U.S. administration loses its credibility for this reason!

London _ Agencies

The US administration has lost credibility because of its policies towards international organizations, a British newspaper said.

The British newspaper "Financial Times" in its issue Saturday began to comment that if it goes as the US National security advisor John Bolton demands, the UN Security Council will only have one permanent member, the United States.

Speaking on the reform of the United Nations, Bolton said: "If mandated to restructure the UN Security Council, it would have reduced the number of permanent members to only one, America, because that is the true expression of the balance of power in the world."

Bolton also said earlier that he wanted to remove the top 10 floors of the UN building in New York.

The paper said that under the controversial remarks, it is not surprising that Bolton has recently threatened to impose sanctions on ICC representatives if they start investigating the possibility of the United States committing war crimes in Afghanistan, and the paper says that this is not surprising even with the expectation that Bolton He would devote his first official speech as a national security advisor to more important topics.

In the past, Washington has been a driving force in building many of the international institutions that Washington is now trying to undermine, she said, adding that in a unipolar world the United States has benefited from its dominance in these institutions to ensure its continued control.

According to the paper, in the multipolar world that is currently taking shape, the continued influence within these institutions is becoming increasingly important to the United States, "but the price of the extraordinary situation that America is paying in the form of loss of credibility will be enormous on the world stage."

Washington on Friday slashed US $10 million to support organizations that support the Jews and flee in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The New York Times said the US administration has decided to reduce this amount, and the US aid budgets for the Palestinians remain only security assistance to the Palestinian Authority.