Iran: Europe must decide whether or not it is subject to America

Iran: Europe must decide whether or not it is subject to America

Tehran _ Agencies

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called on Europeans to remedy the effects of US sanctions against Iran for their own interests.

"The United States wants the rest of the world to be subject to its political and economic will," Zarif said in an interview with German magazine "Der Spiegel" published in its issue on Saturday.

Unlike Tehran, Washington did not abide by the UN Security Council resolution on the nuclear deal, Zarif said, "Now the United States is asking others to contravene international law as well. Europe must decide whether it is under the United States or not. This is a precedent that will have far-reaching consequences. "

The United States has unilaterally withdrawn from the international nuclear deal (CPA), which limits Iran´s expanding nuclear capability in an auditable manner. Despite Iran´s commitment to the nuclear deal, the United States imposed renewed sanctions on Tehran in August last August, threatening all those who violate the sanctions. The United States has also decided to introduce a new package of sanctions targeting Iran´s energy and financial sectors, which will be launched on November 4.

On the other hand, the EU, Russia and China are sticking to the nuclear deal signed by the international powers with Iran in the year 2015.

"The Europeans and other signatories (on the agreement) should move to compensate for the effects of U.S. sanctions," Zarif said, adding that the real test in this is matters related to  "Oil and banks " and said: "The question is whether Europe wants its companies to abide by the laws European or American  ".

If the Europeans believe that the nuclear deal is important to their security, they must also be prepared to pay for this security, Zarif said.

In response to a question about Iran´s behavior when the "balance between giving and taking" was disturbed, the Iranian foreign minister said that the reaction might be to increase uranium enrichment, and said: "Article 36 of the Convention and Security Council resolution No. 2231 allow for a reduced applicability of the nuclear deal, without abolishing Agreement  ".

On the possibility of holding direct talks with US President Donald Trump on a new nuclear deal, Zarif said he did not see the basis for such talks as long as the United States did not return to the international nuclear deal, and said: "Who guarantees us that he (Trump) will apply the new agreement."

Zarif said the international nuclear deal was not a mistake, adding that Trump also withdrew from the Paris International Convention for Climate Protection and other conventions, and said:  "When someone exceeds the red flag, does that mean the traffic signal is wrong? ".