The prisoners ´ authority warns of continued medical violations against prisoners

The prisoners ´ authority warns of continued medical violations against prisoners

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The prisoners ´ Affairs authority and editors on Thursday warned of the continuation of a policy of medical violations by the Department of Occupation Detainees against prisoners, which has led to an increase in the number of cases in the occupation prisons, the discovery of sudden and dangerous illnesses and the loss of several martyrs over the past 10 years.

In a statement, the Commission explained that there were still 17 prisoners in the so-called "Ramla" clinic, in the midst of extremely poor living conditions, as well as continuing to practise a policy of medical negligence against them and leaving them prey to disease.

She noted that one of the difficult conditions currently in the "Ramla" Clinic was the situation of the prisoner Iyad Harbat, who was worsening day by day, and no improvement in his situation, since 2014 he had been infected with a nervous disease that caused him a constant tremor in his body.

In the recent period, the prisoner had not been able to move normally and could not stand on his legs and use the wheelchair to meet his needs, and in a short time he had lost more than 40 kilograms.

A young prisoner, Mohammed Ghassan Abu Houleh, was also recently transferred from Nablus to the "Ramla" clinic, after being shot in the feet by the occupation during his arrest, and is waiting to be provided with the necessary treatment.

In the same vein, the panel uncovered two pathological cases in the detention of "Ofer", one of which was the case of Jamal Hamamrah, 52, from Housan Township, Bethlehem Governorate, who suffers from impaired heart muscle and arterial blockage, suffers from stomach pains and needs to perform a catheter operation as soon as possible. Enabled.

The prisoner, Nidal Abu Ayyash, 28, from the town of Beit ´ in Hebron Governorate, faces a very difficult health situation, who is mentally and mentally ill, due to cardiac disturbances that affect the brain and increase his electrical charges.

The captive had recently been struck by skin disease, which had resulted in red pills, and he complained of pain in his abdomen and head, and he needed high medical attention as soon as possible.