The Palestinian presidency is responding to the US plan to liquidate the refugee issue

The Palestinian presidency is responding to the US plan to liquidate the refugee issue

RAMALLAH-Palestine News Network

The Palestinian presidency on Saturday responded to a US plan to settle the refugee issue and end the work of the Palestinian Refugee agency (UNRWA).

According to the presidency, what was revealed by "foreign police", on a US plan to end the work of UNRWA, underscores the persistence of plots aimed at settling the Palestinian issue and the need to address and completely thwart it.

The disclosure of the presence of internal e-mails to White House advisors, in which Jared Kouchner called for the removal of the UNRWA agency to remove the refugee issue from the negotiating table, reveals what President Mahmoud Abbas warned of the seriousness of what the US administration called the deal of the century Aimed at settling the Palestinian question and depriving the Palestinian people of their full legitimate rights.

The Presidency stressed that the steadfastness of the Palestinian leadership and the steadfastness of our people will fail all conspiracies to end the Palestinian issue under false nomenclature, and our people have failed all previous attempts to undermine their legitimate rights, according to the official news agency.

She stressed that the refugee issue was one of the final solution issues, which would only be resolved through negotiations to reach a just and agreed solution in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative, which had become part of international legitimacy and was supported by the international community.

The presidency warned of the compatibility of some with us and Israeli plans aimed at transforming the Palestinian issue from the cause of a people seeking freedom and independence and establishing its independent State into a humanitarian cause.

She stressed that the national official Palestinian position rejecting the abdication of Jerusalem with its sacred and defender of the rights of refugees, which was demonstrated by the summit of the two sides, has shown clear support for the Palestinian position, most recent of which are official Arab declarations and statements, and that it will always remain the only path to a just and peaceful peace.

The Presidency called on the international community, specifically the UN Security Council, to stand up to its responsibilities and impose its will to find a just solution to the Palestinian issue in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy, and to stop any attempts to settle the refugee issue by ending the relief agency established by a UN resolution to monitor the refugee situation and not Its role ends only with a just resolution of this issue, as stipulated in the resolutions of international legitimacy and