The occupation has arrested about 60 wounded since the beginning of this year

The occupation has arrested about 60 wounded since the beginning of this year

The Prisoners' Club said on Tuesday, "Since the beginning of this year, the occupation authorities have escalated the arrest of the wounded, whether those who were shot during their arrest, or before the arrest, as the number of wounded who were subjected to arrest reached about (60) wounded, including children and women, And previously wounded, and these numbers are higher compared to the number of wounded during the past year.” 

The Prisoner's Club explained that the occupation carried out systematic acts of abuse against the wounded, including attacks on them during their arrest, without the slightest consideration for their health conditions, and even turned their injuries into a tool to torture them by practicing the crime of medical negligence (slow killing), and they deliberately continued to restrain them during... The first moments of arrest, and even after they were transferred to hospitals, and the majority of them were subjected to interrogation while they were tied up inside the hospitals, in addition to the orders prohibiting them from meeting with a lawyer that were issued against some of them.

The number of wounded was concentrated in Jenin, which is witnessing a significant escalation in the struggle against the occupation. Among these cases was the case of the detainee Ward Shreim (23 years old) from Jenin, who was arrested by the occupation on September 4, 2023, where he was shot and injured. He suffered serious injuries, and one of the injuries was to the main artery in his left leg. Despite his serious injury, Shrem was subjected to systematic abuse during his arrest, by threatening and insulting him, and restricting him from the moment of his arrest, until he was transferred to the Israeli (Rambam) Hospital, where he underwent a series of surgical operations since The date of his arrest, and he is still in Rambam Hospital, mentions that the detainee Shreim is the grandson of the martyr Yousef Saleh Shreim, and the cousin of the martyr Youssef Shreim, who died in March of this year.  

During this year, the occupation escalated the re-arrest of the previously wounded, the most prominent of whom was the prisoner Muhammad Amin Zaghir (31 years old), from Hebron, who was arrested on May 9, 2023. He had been wounded since the Al-Aqsa Intifada, when he was exposed to degree burns at the time. The first led to deformities throughout his body, and disabilities in his hand, and he needs close health follow-up and special care. However, the occupation continues to arrest and detain him in (Ramla Prison Clinic). 

Among the cases of the wounded is the wounded prisoner Fatima Shaheen (33 years old) from Dheisheh Camp/Bethlehem, who was exposed to gunfire during her arrest on April 17, 2023, and suffered serious injuries that led to the removal of one of her kidneys, and she is still moving around using a chair. Movable, where she was detained for a period in (Ramla Prison Clinic), then she was transferred to (Damoun) Prison, where the majority of female prisoners are held, and today she needs close health follow-up, knowing that she is the mother of a daughter. It is noteworthy that the prisoner Shaheen holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and was working Before her arrest, she taught English, and was an outstanding student. 

Among the wounded were children. Among the children who were arrested and injured was the Jerusalemite child Abdul Rahman Amer Al-Zaghal (14 years old), from Silwan/Jerusalem, where he was hit by a bullet to the head in August 2023, which led to a significant deterioration in his condition. He was dangerous and underwent a series of surgeries at the Israeli Hadassah Hospital. He was also injured by bullet fragments in his back. He was later transferred to the Ramla Prison Clinic, then he was released after legal efforts, with conditions that included: deporting him from Jerusalem and transferring him to home detention. He paid a financial guarantee of 5 thousand shekels.

In this context, the Prisoner's Club called on all international human rights institutions to seek serious and real intervention in the crimes that the occupation continues to carry out against prisoners and detainees, including the wounded, and to ensure the provision of the necessary treatment for them, and to stop the crime of medical negligence (slow killing) that they face in the occupation prisons.