Telegram is testing the paid subscriptions feature for iPhone users

Telegram is testing the paid subscriptions feature for iPhone users

The famous instant messaging platform, “Telegram”, is testing a paid version “Telegram Premium” for users of the “iOS” operating system, to be launched later for the “Android” system, where the version contains more emojis and stickers.

Testers of the beta version of the application - which has the number "8.7.2" - on "iPhone" phones, noted that "Telegram" is testing another way to bring material gains through a "paid version" that includes a new set of stickers and emojis for interaction that the user can only open from By subscribing to the “Telegram Premium” service.


Reports stated that recipients of those messages will need to subscribe to “Telegram Premium” to see its content, in other words, non-subscribers who receive a reaction or a special sticker are required to sign up for a subscription.

Reports indicated that there is no information yet about the cost of “Premium”, when it will be launched more widely, and what other features may be part of the subscription?


The reports indicated that the “Telegram” platform primarily targets, through the new feature, the administrators of groups or large channels.

And the founder of the instant messaging platform, Pavel Durov, had said in late 2020, “Telegram will start generating revenue, starting next year (2021).

He added that "the platform will add some new features for business teams or premium users," noting that it will look for new ways to generate income to respond to the growing needs of the platform, which continues to receive new users.

Durov promised that all the features of Telegram that were free - and all the features dedicated to private messages - will remain.

Reports indicated that this is the trick with messaging apps; Because the way to make money is not to get in the middle of chats between friends but to find other things for users to do within and using the app.

Social networks can charge additional fees for premium reactions, for example, Twitch and Discord also have subscription options that include additional emojis and improved customization options.

In mid-April, Telegram released a new update for the Android and iOS operating systems that includes many new features, which are a radical change for the digital platform.

Among the new features, the ability to customize alert sounds for specific contacts, set custom times to mute conversations or automatically delete messages, and create new animations, in addition to many more features.