Sudanese president to dissolve government, reduce number of ministries

Sudanese president to dissolve government, reduce number of ministries

Khartoum _ Agencies

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir told the High-level Coordinating Committee to follow up on the implementation of the national dialogue outcomes Sunday evening that he intends to dissolve the government as a necessary step to address the economic situation that the country has faced in the past period.

"The aim of this step is to form an effective government that responds to the aspirations of the Sudanese people for a dignified life and to restore hope to them," al-Bashir said during a meeting with the Committee on Sunday evening at the presidential palace.

"We will continue under the Government of national Reconciliation as a team to deal with the problems and meet the challenges and to hide the country from this situation to a bright situation," he said.

He stressed that the Government of national reconciliation is at the heart of one man through the unequivocal support of its representatives for this step, necessitated by the reduction of public spending and the effectiveness of government performance in the light of the renewed spirit of action to meet the requirements of national tasks.

The dissolution of the Government includes the reduction of Federal ministries from 31 ministries to 21 ministries.