Former White House advisor: Trump faces coup

Former White House advisor: Trump faces coup

Washington _ Agencies

The former White House chief advisor for Strategic Affairs said US President Donald Trump was facing a "coup d´état."

"What you saw that day (The New York Times article) was very dangerous," said Steve Bannon during a visit to Italy. This is a direct attack on the institutions  ".

The New York Times published an article that was not signed on Wednesday by someone who described himself as a senior US administration official and spoke of a resistance within the administration to Trump and his decisions.

He criticized the writer  "The lack of moral dimension" at Trump and said  "Many senior officials in his own administration are working assiduously from the inside to thwart aspects of his program and his worst tendencies."

The last time a US president came to such a challenge was during the US Civil War when General George B. Was in disagreement, he said. McClellan with President Abraham Lincoln.

"This is a crisis and the country has not experienced such a crisis since the summer of 1862 when General McClellan and senior generals, all Democrats in the federal army, saw that Abraham Lincoln was not qualified to be a general commander."

Trump said on Friday that the US Justice Department should find out who wrote the article and added that it was a matter of national security.

Trump Bannon was deposed in August 2017 after a succession with the president´s advisors on his efforts to induce the Republican Party to accept its national economic agenda.

Bannon said after his dismissal that the Republican institution was looking to invalidate the presidential election and neutralize Trump.

"There is a league of personalities in the Republican institution who believes that Trump is ineligible to be president of the United States," he said in Rome. This is a crisis. "

"I´m not a craft man... You said there was no deep state. It is a visible state  ".