Six dead and four missing due to heavy rains in China

Six dead and four missing due to heavy rains in China

Six people have been killed and four are missing as a result of heavy rains in northeastern China's Jilin province, state media reported Sunday.

China has been witnessing heavy rains in recent weeks, and Beijing announced on Friday that natural disasters resulted in 147 deaths and missing persons in July.

This toll does not include the victims of Typhoon Doxuri, which struck mainland China at the beginning of the week, before moving to the north and downgrading it to a storm.

And the New China News Agency on Sunday quoted local authorities as saying that six people were killed and four are missing in the city of Shulan in northeastern China, due to heavy rains.

The agency added that the rains had "practically stopped" in the region.

Some 19,000 people have been evacuated and 21 "temporary shelters" have been set up.

The rains that accompanied Duxuri are the heaviest in China since the start of data recording 140 years ago, destroying infrastructure and encircling entire neighborhoods with floods.

And the state of maximum alert is still imposed at noon Sunday in Beijing due to "geological hazards" such as landslides as a result of weather conditions.

And at least ten people died Saturday as a result of the floods in a city in Hebei province, which borders Beijing, according to the authorities, noting that more than 1.5 million people have been evacuated.

Extreme weather phenomena and prolonged heatwaves have affected millions of people around the world during the past weeks, while scientists confirm that these natural phenomena have been exacerbated by climate change.