Psychological Anxiety: 11 signs you´re suffering.

Psychological Anxiety: 11 signs you´re suffering.

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Everyone gets nervous or anxious between time, when speaking to an audience of people, for example, or when they go through financial difficulties. But, for some people, anxiety may become repetitive or so strong that it begins to control their lives.

How do you know if the daily anxiety has crossed its borders and turned into a disorder? Here are some of the symptoms that you need to consult a doctor:

Excessive concern

The distinctive sign of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) (the most worrying type of anxiety) is a lot of concern about things that occur daily whether they are large or small. But, what does the word "too much" mean?

In the case of generalized anxiety disorder, the person has permanent and constant anxiety thoughts most days of the week for a period of 6 months. In addition, anxiety should be very bad so that daily life prevails and is accompanied by noticeable symptoms such as fatigue.

Sleep problems

The problem of inability to sleep or sleep for a long time is associated with many physical and mental health problems. It is natural to fluctuate in bed with anticipation and fear the night before giving an important speech or interview for work.

However, if you find yourself lying, anxious or apprehensive about nothing specific, it may be a reference to anxiety disorder. It is estimated that people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder also suffer from sleep problems.

The other indication that anxiety is related to the problem of sleep is that you wake up exhausted, your mind is thinking fast and you are incapable of calming yourself down.

Irrational fears

Some types of anxiety are not generalized at all, but quite the contrary, they are linked to a particular situation or something such as air travel or animals or crowds. If this fear becomes overwhelming, devastating and beyond the actual risks involved, it is an indication of the existence of a phobia, a disorder of anxiety.

Although phobias may cause paralysis, they are not clear at all times. In fact, it may only appear on the surface when faced with a specific situation and discover that you are unable to overcome your fears.

Muscle spasm

Semi-hard muscle tension, whether it is a clenching jaw or pulling a fist or trying to stretch your body muscles, is often accompanied by anxiety disorders. These symptoms may be touching