Lobster threatens Germany.

Lobster threatens Germany.

Berlin _ Agencies

A marine biologist has said that lobster is proliferating rapidly and poses a threat to freshwater life in Germany.

The lobster is home to North America and it is not yet clear how it arrived in Germany.

Professor Andreas Martins, head of the Institute of Biology at the University of Karlsruhe, said that lobster had arrived in Germany 25 years ago and had been heavily spread since then in several areas, including the Upper Rhine River.

"It is particularly dangerous here because of its ability to walk on the ground and to enter smaller aquatic areas of importance to amphibious organisms," Martins said.

"Once he enters the water pools, they reproduce rapidly and when this large spread is achieved, nothing else is found in the water but this organism."

About two years ago, lobster was damaging the ecosystem in one of the water spots in the southwestern German city of Reintriten. The German expert said his preparation is expected to increase further in the coming year.

"And then you won´t find anything then," Martins added. You won´t find water plants. Nothing. You´ll only find troubled waters. "

Martins said that he and his colleagues were trying to solve the problem by, inter alia, placing logs in the water bed so that locusts could not cross it while women parliamentarians could pass it.

"The most important thing is that we need to get the females out of the water so we can prevent them from breeding next year," he said.