CNN: U.S. Army set up targets bank in Syria

CNN: U.S. Army set up targets bank in Syria

Washington _ Agencies

U.S. military and intelligence experts have set up a first-goal bank for chemical weapons facilities to follow the Syrian regime for destruction, if US president Donald Trump orders a new round of raids on the Syrian regime, US officials told CNN.

Although the strike decision has not yet been taken, a US administration official, "aware of the current military situation in Syria," told CNN that the US military was likely to "react very quickly" that the Syrian regime launched a chemical attack, and would grant the Bank of first goals The Pentagon prepared a strong starting point if Trump asked to move militarily.

Speaking to CNN, US officials stressed that they were concerned that the impending Assad regime´s attack on Idlib could include the use of chemical weapons, if the Syrian opposition could respond to the impending attack. The Syrian regime has already transported armed helicopters closer to Idlib in the past few weeks, the United States is concerned that it could be used to launch another chemical attack using chlorine-filled bombs, although it is readily available for a conventional attack, officials said US officials also fear that any attack on Idlib, even if it is using conventional weapons, would cause thousands of casualties, which would deepen the humanitarian crisis on the Turkish-Syrian border.

Diplomatic tensions between Russia and the United States of America escalated recently, due to a possible attack by the Syrian regime backed by Russian air support on Idlib, and US secretary of State Mike Pompeu, his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, warned on Twitter that Washington would "consider the attack Possible escalation of the conflict of Sin ", one day after Lavrov warned the western countries of " Playing with fire  "in Idlib," it is known that the progress of the Syrian decision and humanitarian solutions and the fight against terrorism does not satisfy everyone  ", accusing the White helmets of preparing to launch a chemical attack, to pay Western countries to attack the Syrian regime.

Last week, the United States, France and Britain in their red line, having carried out together in mid-April, reported blows to Syria´s installations in response to a sarin gas attack in Eastern Ghouta that blamed the Assad regime.

In a joint statement issued on August 21st, the three countries confirmed that, "as we have previously demonstrated, we will respond appropriately to any new use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime," and in response, the White House´s National security advisor, John Bolton, vowed to respond "very strongly" in the event of a Chemical attack.

U.S. diplomacy has been active in the scenes to warn Moscow, which in the past has been accused of disregarding the use of chemical weapons by Damascus.