Bill Gates allocates $1.5 billion to combat climate change

Bill Gates allocates $1.5 billion to combat climate change

announced that the founder of "Microsoft" American billionaire Bill Gates, that the Energy Foundation of the Breakthrough it will allocate $ 1.5 billion for projects combating climate change in the world.

It is expected that the funds will be allocated to support joint projects with US authorities to develop technologies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Gates confirmed in a statement to the American newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" that if the US Congress approves a $1.2 trillion infrastructure development plan that includes projects to combat climate change, Breakthrough Energy will spend 1.5 billion on projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within 3 years.

"What´s essential for these climate-related technologies is to cut costs and be able to scale their use to a massive scale," Gates said.

He added, "It will be impossible to reach these dimensions if the government does not adopt the right policies, which are what comes within this infrastructure plan."

It is noteworthy that the US Senate had approved the infrastructure plan after reaching a deal between Republicans and Democrats on it.

It is expected to be ratified by the House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden to take effect.