A long-awaited new service from "WhatsApp"

A long-awaited new service from "WhatsApp"

The “WhatsApp” application for instant communication has now launched a new service that will help people who change their phones from time to time.

And the technical news site "The Verge" stated that users will be able to transfer conversation logs, including voice messages, photos and videos, when they change their phones from iOS to Android.
For a long time, there were rumors that WhatsApp would launch this service.

In the first phase, which will take place in the coming weeks, this service will cover the transfer of records from “iOS” phones to the new “Samsung” phones of the “Z Flip 3” and Z Fold 3 models.

In the second phase, the service will cover transfers between the phones of the two systems, but it is unclear when this service will be available to all phones.

The service addresses a frustrating aspect of WhatsApp, as in the past it was not possible to transfer conversation records between different phones in the operating system.

Typically, users stored the backup in iCloud for iOS, while Samsung phone users, for example, stored the backup in Google Drive for Android devices.

Therefore, it was only possible to transfer your conversations between phones running the same operating system.