Al-Sisi calls on Moscow and Kiev to find "urgent solutions" to the grain crisis

Al-Sisi calls on Moscow and Kiev to find "urgent solutions" to the grain crisis

On Friday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called on Moscow and Kiev to find "urgent solutions" regarding the export of Ukrainian grain to Africa, amid prevailing fears after the end of the effects of an agreement that allowed the export of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain.

In a speech he delivered during the Russian-African summit in St. Petersburg (northwestern Russia), the Egyptian president stressed "the importance of finding urgent solutions to provide food and fertilizers at prices that help Africa overcome this crisis."

Al-Sisi announced his aspiration "to reach a consensual solution regarding the grain export agreement that takes into account the demands and interests of all parties and puts an end to the continuous rise in grain prices," a week after Moscow abandoned this agreement, which is of great importance to African countries.

Russia withdrew from the deal, which allowed Ukraine to export millions of tons of grain despite the conflict, and complained of obstacles to the delivery of agricultural products.

In one year, this agreement made it possible to remove nearly 33 million tons of grain from Ukrainian ports, which helped stabilize global food prices and averted the risk of shortages.

But in recent days, Moscow has tried to reassure its African partners, saying it understands their "concern" on the matter, and has promised six African countries to deliver free grain shipments "in the coming months."

In Kiev, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who criticized the Russian decision, held talks on this thorny issue with the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman bin Jassim Al Thani, on Friday.

"We discussed new measures to ensure global food security and continue the safe operation of the grain corridor," he wrote on Twitter, thanking Al Thani for "Qatar's support and solidarity."