Endowments: The occupation has prevented the call to prayer 250 times in the Ibrahimi Mosque since the beginning of the year

The Israeli occupation authorities prevented the call to prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Hebron (south of the occupied West Bank) 250 times since the beginning of the year until the end of last May. 

The Hebron Endowments Directorate said, in a statement, today, Thursday, that the Israeli occupation forces prevented 250 times of the call to prayer in the Ibrahimi Mosque from the beginning of the year until the end of last May, in addition to preventing the necessary maintenance and repairs, the last of which was repairing the external speakers of the Haram al-Sharif. .

The statement quoted the director of the Hebron Endowments, Sheikh Jamal Abu Aram, as saying: "The Haram al-Sharif is subjected to a continuous fierce Israeli attack from the occupation forces and herds of settlers to seize it."

In this regard, Abu Aram referred to the occupation authorities’ interference in the daily affairs of the Ibrahimi Mosque, the work of the employees and the reconstruction committees, determining who enters and reaching it through a long series of barriers and searches, and determining the age, not to mention the excavations beside it and its gardens, and its intention to build an electric elevator.

And he stressed the necessity of the permanent presence of employees, workers and worshipers in the Haram al-Sharif at all times to miss the opportunity for the occupier to be alone with it.

The Director General of the Hebron Endowments, Sheikh, praised the efforts of the Ibrahimi Mosque’s employees in the city, their steadfastness, persistence and dedication to their work, stressing the continuation of Rabat’s march and the defense of the Haram and its people.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities imposed a temporal and spatial division in the Ibrahimi Mosque after the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in 1994, by dividing the mosque for Jews and Muslims, preventing Muslims from praying on Jewish holidays, and completely desecrating it for settlers.


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