Hamdouna: The occupation presents the sick prisoners to the doctors via video conference

Raafat Hamdouna, director of the Prisoners Studies Center, said today, Sunday, that the Prison Authority of Israel presents patients who complain about the deterioration of their health condition to doctors through video conferencing, instead of presenting them directly to them.

Hamdouna said in a press statement to him, that this procedure is followed in particular in the Negev detention camp, on the pretext of the Corona virus and not to mix.

He called on the prisoner specialist, the International Red Cross and humanitarian and human rights institutions to visit the prisoners in Israeli prisons to see the conditions of patients from them.

Hamdouna warned against perpetuating this reality, whether in the presence of the Corona virus "or not, given that this service reduces the burden of travel, the transfer of prisoners, security expenses and medical devices in hospitals for the benefit of the Israeli prisons.

He called on international institutions to pressure the occupation to follow the conditions of patients and save their lives from slow death, and to adhere to the articles and provisions of the third and fourth Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law regarding their basic and human rights, especially in the matter of care and health care, provision of treatments and medical follow-up.


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