Large crowds attend the funeral of the martyr Alaa Al-Zaghal, east of Nablus

 Large Palestinian crowds mourned this evening, Wednesday, in the new Askar camp, east of Nablus, the body of the martyr Alaa Al-Zaghal, 21, to his final resting place in the camp cemetery.

Al-Zaghal was killed by a live bullet in the head during the confrontations that accompanied a military operation of the Israeli occupation army in Deir Al-Hatab village, east of Nablus.

The body, which was wrapped in the Palestinian flag, was transferred from Rafidia Hospital to the camp, with the participation of representatives of the various forces and activities.

 The mourners toured the body in the alleys of the alleys to the house of his family, who cast their final farewell to him amid an atmosphere of sadness, before prayers were held for him and he was buried in the camp cemetery.

Speaking during the funeral ceremonies, speakers condemn the continuing crimes of the occupation against our Palestinian people, while angry youths chanted slogans threatening revenge and continuing the struggle. 

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