The "Journalists Syndicate" denounces the occupation´s crime against Palestine TV cameraman Louay Samhan

The "Journalists Syndicate" denounces the occupation´s crime against Palestine TV cameraman Louay Samhan

Today, Wednesday, the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned in the strongest terms the crime of the Israeli occupation army by targeting Palestine TV cameraman Louay Samhan and reporter Mahmoud Fawzy, and besieging media crews while covering the occupation´s aggression on Deir al-Hatab in Nablus.

The Syndicate considered that this crime confirms the persistence in the policy of systematic targeting by the occupation army against Palestinians.

The Syndicate saluted the Palestine TV crews and all three who are always present in the field, to confirm that it is continuing its procedures in the international judiciary, especially in the International Criminal Court, in partnership with the International Federation of Journalists to prosecute and hold the killers and criminals accountable and not to impunity.

She pointed out that since 2000 until today, the occupation forces have killed more than 55 who were martyred by the occupation bullets, shells and missiles.

The Syndicate has documented more than 7,500 crimes and occupation attacks against Palestinian refugees and media institutions since 2013 until now.

And it is considered that the sum of these attacks and crimes indicates that the Palestinian media, media institutions and crime-scale, are exposed to a large war by the occupation army aimed at silencing mouths and preventing the transmission of the truth of the crimes of the occupation against our people.

The Syndicate called on the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to expedite the investigation procedures in the complaints submitted by the Syndicate and the International Union to hold killers and criminals accountable against our crimes.