Dozens of settlers storm Suleiman´s ponds under the protection of the occupation army

Today, about 100 armed settlers stormed the archaeological area of ​​Suleiman's Pools, south of Bethlehem, and a high mountain hill overlooking the neighboring village of Artas, which is classified as “A” area, under the protection of the occupation army, accompanied by dogs, and they wandered in the ponds and bushes. belonging to her and washed her eyes, claiming that it was a sacred area for the Jews, and its name was mentioned in the Torah.

Activists said that those who stormed the area today are mostly boys and young men, ranging in age from 16-17 years, and they are brought to the place before they enter the conscription, where they are incited that the area is a sacred area for Jews, and it must be preserved.

It is noteworthy that the settlers have been storming Suleiman’s Pools area from time to time, under the protection of the occupation army, and these incursions have serious implications, according to Palestinian observers, including that Israel’s ambitions have not ended in this area, although it is an area classified “A” and on which projects are built Large Palestinian areas, including the famous Conference Palace area.

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