Gaza: Warning that the European Hospital will not be able to accommodate more Corona patients

Youssef Al-Akkad, director of the European Gaza Hospital, warned this evening, Tuesday, that the hospital was unable to accommodate more patients with the Coronavirus, with the number of people infected with severe cases increasing in recent days.

In a statement to the local Al-Aqsa radio in Gaza, Al-Akkad stated that the hospital has become almost full, and if the situation of injuries remains high, within days the hospital will not be able to accommodate more patients.

He pointed out that two young men arrived at the hospital last night with difficulty breathing, and had not previously suffered from any diseases, indicating that this led to an increase in the number of young people in the care department to 5, and this sounds a great alarm and requires everyone without exception Adhere to safety and prevention measures.

Akkad said: "In the past, mild symptoms appeared on Corona patients, and the percentage of those in danger did not exceed 3 percent, and they were mainly elderly and people with chronic diseases."

He added: "This wave of Corona is the most dangerous and deadly of the first wave."

He continued: "The fall and winter seasons are abundant in viruses and colds, and if the patient meets the Corona virus and other viruses, then the patient is in a state of greater danger than the danger that was in the first wave of Corona."


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