33 violations against journalists last August

 During its monthly report on the state of press freedoms for the month of August, the Journalists Support Committee monitored about 33 violations against journalists, including 15 by the occupation forces, and 10 by Palestinian parties.

In its report, Al-Jannah pointed out that 8 violations of social media companies' websites, pages and personal accounts of journalists have been recorded, in the context of fighting Palestinian content and obliterating the occupation's crimes against the people.

The committee said that the occupation forces continued their deliberate violations of Palestinian journalists and media outlets, despite international laws and charters that guarantee protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

According to the report, the Israeli attacks in the Palestinian territories expanded last month, with the occupation forces' arrest of (3) journalists, namely Nidal Abu Aker, Mustafa Abu Ramz and Musab Saeed, as they extended the detention of Musab Saeed while they transferred Abu Aker to administrative detention and deported Mustafa Abu Codes.

The monthly report monitored (3) cases of targeting and injury to journalists while covering the anti-settlement activities and rallies, including the injury of the journalist, Mutassim Saqf Al-Hitt, as a result of being directly targeted by a gas bomb while covering an event.

Regarding the cases of prevention of coverage and obstruction of journalists' work to obscure the occupation crimes against the Palestinian people, the report recorded (3) cases of bans, during which one case was monitored with a weapon threat, in addition to recording one case of storming and raiding the home of journalist Musab Saeed.

As for the occupation’s harassment of imprisoned journalists in prisons, the report recorded one case against prisoner Nidal Abu Aker and prevented him from meeting his wife.

With regard to fighting Palestinian content, social media sites and platforms continue to impose restrictions on Palestinian content, under pressure from the Israeli occupation to fight the Palestinian narrative. Gaza, without giving reasons.


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