11 new injuries to "Corona" in Tulkarm and the governor decides to close Atil

Medical sources in Tulkarem province announced this afternoon that 11 new cases of the coronavirus have been reported.

According to local sources, the mostly injured were drivers working on the Taybeh commercial crossing line and contacts.

Four casualties were reported in the town of Attil, north of Tulkarem, and others in Tulkarem, Tulkarem, Shuweika, Safarin and Anabta, the sources said.

Medical sources called on contacts to adhere to the quarantine, while preventive medicine teams began to restrict the contact department in preparation for the necessary tests.

The governor of Tulkarem Issam Abu Bakr, chairman of the emergency committee, said that as part of the follow-up to the measures to counter the outbreak of the coronavirus, the town of Attil was closed until Monday evening, at the request of the emergency sub-committee and the municipality of Ateel, and the residents of the town, so that the teams of preventive medicine and the relevant authorities can follow the epidemiological map, in order to preserve the health and safety of citizens.

Governor Abu Bakar stressed in a press statement the need for citizens to abide by the health protocol and preventive measures to counter the threat of the outbreak of the coronavirus, wishing safety to all citizens.

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