Trump´s Evangelists: Withdrawal from annexation will harm your chance of success in the elections

The Evangelists sent a message that could be described as a "threat" to US President Donald Trump if he decided to withdraw and back away from support for the Israeli "annexation" plan, for parts of the Palestinian territories.

Mike Evans, one of the leading figures in the "Evangelical World", told Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper that Trump could not win the elections without our support, and we support 100 percent of the implementation of sovereignty.

According to the site, evangelicals are stepping up pressure on Trump to move ahead with this scheme, and warn him that the withdrawal will harm the chance of winning the US presidential election in November.

"Trump's ability to win the elections will be determined by our vote, our support is crucial and he cannot win without us," Evans said.

"We support the imposition of sovereignty, because we believe that God decided to implement sovereignty thousands of years ago, and he told the Jewish prophets this."

He considered that any adviser to Trump advising him to withdraw his support for the application of sovereignty, this would harm him, adding, "God bless Israel, and any adviser urging him to withdraw his support for sovereignty will take him out of the White House."


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