Abu Dis: The occupation forces arrest three wounded children with live bullets

The Israeli occupation forces arrested three children who had been shot dead for 20 days in an unstable state of health and in need of medical follow-up and treatment.
Our correspondent reported that the children were taken to an unknown destination by the forces.
A force of the occupation stormed the town of AbuDis at dawn, raided the house of Abdullah Mohsen and arrested his son Ahmed, the house of Ali Halabia, arrested his son Younis, the house of Jamal Awad, arrested his son Muhannad, tampered with its contents, carried out thorough searches of houses and damaged furniture and cars, and after ascertaining the personalities of the wanted children, they were arrested without allowing them to take their medicines or allow them to change their pajamas.
Walid Mohsen, father of the wounded child detained Ahmed Mohsen, said: "The occupation broke into the house in a barbaric way, did not take into account the sanctity of the house or the presence of children, and broke the doors and tampered with the contents of the house, and after verifying the identity of my son, he interrogated him.
He put the plastic handles on his hands and put him in the military jeep on the ground, and we don't know anything about our child despite his health."
It is worth mentioning that the three children were targeted live by live bullets last month, and the wounded child detained Ahmed in the foot was hit by seven bullets, and the second for the young child Younis Ali in his hand and foot, while the third injury of the wounded detainee Muhannad in al-Fakhd area and the condition of the three detainees is unstable and needs medical follow-up.

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