Ramadan at the time of Corona ... everything has changed

The usual Ramadan atmosphere was absent from Hanadi Tayseer's house on the first day of the holy month, as the family did not meet at the iftar table, and did not go to perform prayers in the mosque, due to the preventive measures to curb the spread of Corona virus.

Umm Mahmoud says that she did not feel the joy that she used to at her home in the city of Jenin, as the dining table was limited to one meal unlike previous years, due to the impact of isolation on her family’s economic circumstances, so there is no love of love, no sweets, no sweets, or delicious items on this year's table, after To stop the work of the majority of the family members.

Umm Mahmoud bemoaned the absence of Ramadan rituals this year, and the accompanying restricted social relations, and hopes that the nightmare of the virus will end soon.

Arbaeen Abu Islam was one of the well-known magicians in Ramadan. He says that he only has memories of him after the month came in the time of Corona.

And Abdul-Rahim Khalil Al-Staini believes that everything has changed during Ramadan this year, and there is only nostalgia for the phenomena and spirituality of the Holy Month.

Umm Adam, from the village of Bir al-Basha, says that the most difficult thing in the current Ramadan is the absence of her husband, Hayel Asaad Jababsha, who is detained in the occupation prisons. The mother tries to alleviate her children's grief over the absence of their father as possible.

She adds that they ate breakfast with her husband's family "milk and rice", as most people cook "green or white" so that their days are green or white, an expression of optimism and hope.

As for the seventieth argument, which is spiritual, Jamal received Ramadan alone at her home in the city of Jenin, where she adheres to isolation and not mixing, and relied on herself to prepare a molokhia meal for breakfast, and does not hide that life changed a lot during Ramadan, and made people confine to their homes.


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