Newspaper: Telecommunications companies in Gaza threatened with collapse

Companies involved in the trade and distribution of telecommunications equipment, computers and other supplies in the information technology sector in Gaza have warned of the collapse of the telecommunications sector in the Gaza Strip as a result of the occupation's ban on the introduction of its supplies.

According to a report by journalist Hamed Gad published in the local newspaper Al-Ayyam, the company's officials described the continued occupation of preventing the introduction of these technologies and devices to the Gaza Strip for the second week in a row as an Israeli decision to destroy and terminate the work of dozens of companies working in this field.

The newspaper said that it spoke with a number of prominent companies that were affected by the prevention of the occupation last week to introduce a load of eleven trucks loaded with various supplies and equipment for the telecommunications sector.

"Preventing the occupation of two shipments of my company has led to total damage and a complete halt in the work, we import printers, laptops, servers and other different equipment that we are marketing to companies, retailers and shops," Ayman Bekron, CEO of Al Quds Information Technology Company, was quoted as saying. Computer companies".

He described the continued prevention of the introduction of these equipments by the disaster that directly affected the company's obligations to many institutions that the value of the shipment that was supposed to be entered last Tuesday for his company is estimated at $600,000 of which is contracted with it, explaining the devices and iPads worth $350 thousand and devices $250, 000.

He stressed that if the shipment continues to be banned for more than two weeks, the company will be forced to lay off a number of its employees, pointing out the resulting losses of the company as a result of the freezing of the company's work and the additional cost of paying the booking and storage fees of these two shipments either in the port or in stores in The bank.

He stressed that private sector companies were not involved in any political tensions or problems, and therefore it was supposed to spare them all problems that had nothing to do with them.

For his part, Bedex CEO Sulaiman Al-Madhoun explained that the ban affected a shipment to his company last week worth 80 thousand shekels and hindered the introduction of another shipment that is supposed to be supplied to Gaza this week worth 120 thousand shekels where the company has not yet been informed of any new related to the release of Previous henna or contractor to supply it.

He described the extent of his company's activity completely paralyzed, noting the disastrous consequences of the company's commitments to many academic, civil and governmental institutions, which the company is supposed to supply its needs of various equipment contracted from computers and monitors And computer printers and accessories.

He warned of the seriousness of the chaos of price manipulation between retailers and consumers as a result of this crisis and the scarcity of equipment available in the Gaza Strip market.

Hassan Hamdouna, CEO of HyperTech, said that all of the company's work was suspended following the Israeli action, making the company more difficult before preventing the introduction of a shipment to his company last week.

He pointed out that the prohibition of the introduction of the said shipment of computer supplies that he works to market to owners, shops and computer companies operating retail, pointing out the heavy loss suffered by his company as a result of the interruption of its activity due to the Israeli action to prevent the introduction of supplies in the telecommunications sector.

Last week, the occupation authorities banned the entry of 11 trucks loaded with various equipment and equipment worth about 15 million shekels belonging to a large number of companies operating in the telecommunications, information technology and internet services sector in the Gaza Strip. According to the same source.


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